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11kV Oil immersed transformer
33kV Oil electrical transformer
35kV Oil immersed transformer
110kV Oil immersed transformer
220kV Oil immersed transformer
10kV Oil immersed transformer
330kV high voltage transformer
Dry Type Transformer
Mineral Transformer
Combination Transformer
AMorphous Alloy Transformer
special transformer
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Zhongdian Transformer Group Co.,Ltd and Zhejiang Shenda Electric Co.,LTD are more than 20 years's manufacturing experience Top 10 in China, are one specialized enterprise regarding " guided by technique , keep innovating and improving "as aim, taking good faith service as objective they are engaged in producing electric voltae transformer,instrument transformer and other products of same kind, our corporation has pass ISO international quality system attestation,for many years,we has gained many credits as"AAA class credit enterprise" and "advanced enterprise in trade" etc. Our corporation owns advanced perfect production and testiong equipment , and has formed exquesite manufacture-craft and the product design characteristics.The SC(B)epoxy dry voltage transformer of our

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230kV Oil immersed transformer
11/0.433KV Oil immersed distribution transformer
630KVA 33KV/0.433KV Three Phase Power Transformer
630KVA 33KV/0.433KV Three Phase Power Transformer
110kV Series S10 S11 Oil Immersed Power Transformer
110kV Series S10 S11 Oil Immersed Power Transformer
200kV high voltage electrical Power Transformer
35kV S9 3150KVA Series of Oil Immersed Power Transformers
35kV S9 3150KVA Series of Oil Immersed Power Transformer
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