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110kV Series of Oil Immersed Power Transformers
110kV Series of Oil Immersed Power Transformers
Main Technical Data
Product Description:
110KV Power Transformer has the features of low-noise, low-partial discharge, low-temperature rise, shock-resistance, short-circuit resistance, no lcakage and attractive appearance. Functional characteristics Technical Parameters 6300~120000KVA Two-winding Transformer Fitted Low-noise with On-load On-load Tap-changer Rated Capacity (KVA): 6300~120000 KVA Vecor Group: Ynd11 Impedance Voltage (%): 10.5% Rated voltage: H. V.: 110, 121 KV (Or as customer requirement) L. V.: 10.5, 11,33 KV (Or as customer requirement) Tapping range: +/- 5% or +/- 2 * 2.5% (Or as customer requirement) Frequency: 50Hz Number of phases: 3 Cooling method: ONAN or ONFN Temperature rise limits: Winding ≤ 65K Top oil ≤ 60K Standards: GB1094 Power transformer GB/T6451 Technical data & requirement of three-phase oil immersed power transformer IEC60076 Power transformer Service conditions The height above the sea level is below 1000m; Ambient temperature: Highest air temperature +40º C; Highest daily average air temperature+30º C; Highest annual average air temperature +20º C; Lowest outdoor air temperature -25º C; Scope of application Cooling and auxiliary equipment Generally, it is ONAF/ONAN type, when ONAF, it runs with full load; When ONAN, the load is running 67% of the full load. The radiator is flake type, the seam between the flakes is welded. The open and close of the fan motor are controlled by oil temperature and olad, The controlling apparatus is attached on the transformer. The conservator is in capsule type. There is oil-resisance, high temperature proof, air-sealed capsule to insulate the oil and the outside air, so that oil is outside the capsule and air is inside the capsule. In order to improve the stability of the transformer, the air room of the capsule closes the outside air through silicongel breaher. HS Code: 85042311 Trademark: CHHG Standard: IEC60076 Origin: China Packing: export packin Min. Order: 1 Transportation: Sea
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