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Grade C Insulation Dry-Type Transformer
Main Technical Data


Product Description:
SG(C)10 series grade C insulated unsealed coil dry type transformer, which is exploited firstly by our company, is a new kind transformer with the advantages of low loss, high efficiency, safety and environmental protection according to the demand of Chinese power market, the limit of using location and regular over-load of transformer. It combined the techniques of Mora in Germany and dupont in American SG(C) 10 filled the blank of national dry type transformer market and has obtained the national patent already. (patent No: 20042002633.8).

Functional characteristics
1. Good heat emission, big overload capacity. Can work without wind machine for long time under 130 overload, and be full load without compulsive wind cool without capacity descending under IP45 condition
2. Perfect safe and resistance to fire operating can be combusting for long period under 800ºC and without smoke
3. Strong resistance to thermal shock(can be full load immediately at -50ºC)
4. Complete waterproof and airproof
5. No partial discharge
6. Good hydrophobility and good resistance to alkaline cauterization and fundal influence
7. Environmental, low noise, no deleerious gas, easy to decomposition

Service condition
The height above the sea level is below 1000m
Ambient temperature:
Highest air temperature +40ºC
Highest daily average air temperature +30ºC
Highest annual average air temperature+20v
Lowest outdoor air temperature-25ºC
Scope of application
Applies to high fireproofing, load fluctuating, unventilated, incommodious, dirty and moist environment such as power plant field, subway, metallurgy, hospital, high-rise building, shipping centre, crowded resident zone, and the special environment such as petro-land chemical industry, nuclear power station, unclear submarine.

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